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Allergen Awareness

Can you list the common allergenic ingredients?

According to research by Unilever Food Solutions, 44% of food service operators are still unaware of the allergen laws that were introduced in December 2014 and over half of them (53.7%) couldn't identify the allergens included in the law.

In addition many people don't realize the dangers of allergenic ingredients, the foods sufferers can be allergic to, or what to do if someone has an allergic reaction

This is where we can help you! Our course has been designed to ensure that all learners taught of the dangers of allergens, the common allergenic foods, the symptoms, and what life is like for an allergen sufferer.

Just £35.00 + VAT ($65.00 / €59.00) per person

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Course Aims

This fully interactive Allergen Awareness e-learning course has been specifically designed for everybody who has an interest or involvement in Allergens.

"If you have an interest in Allergens, are allergic to some foods or know someone who is, or work in the food sector - this course is for you. Certainly if you run a catering, retail or a food manufacturing business, Allergen Awareness will provide a comprehensive understanding to your staff about Allergen contamination and the importance of Good Hygiene Practice. As a Supermarket food shopper, Allergen Awareness will give you and your family a valuable insight into the subject, especially where children are involved.".

Using audio visual and interactive animation, the course is delivered in an enjoyable and refreshing format that helps keep the learner engaged whilst they learn.

Written by educational and industry experts, the course is validated via a secure online student management system and the Certificate is available upon successful completion.

Taking approximately 30 minutes, our course uses text, colourful graphics, animation and audio - all designed to make our courses as engaging, effective, informative and fun as possible.

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