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A new exciting interactive e-learning ESOL course

“REAL TALK English – The Virtual ESOL classroom”

is delivered with real life dialogue, discussions, negotiations and conversations. It has a full range of computer-based activities including listening tasks, text display options, speaking and conversation exercises.

The on-line course consists of a full range of activities that can be accessed at Entry Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the New Adult ESOL Core Curriculum. Each Entry Level has 10 different scenarios to work on. This is a versatile and flexible product intended to complement tutoring support OR used for teaching, revision and practice for students.

REAL TALK English has been written by Chris Armstrong of NWHC and approved by Sian Whiteley, who was recently awarded an MBE for services to adult basic skills. Chris and Sianhave many years experience as ESOL tutors.



The 12 month licence allows the user to take the course and associated Assessments as often as required, whenever required and from any Internet connected computer in the world. The built in Learning Management System will track student’s progress and produce reports for the student or course administrator showing the modules that have been taken, success, areas of weakness, and current scores. In addition the system records the times that any given student has logged on.

Integrating ESOL into your existing web site or e-learning portfolio.

Colleges wishing to integrate access to our ESOL course through their own web site can simply add our access logo onto their web presence. This means that a student simply has to visit his or her School, College or University web site and enter their login details.



Course Administrators can keep track of their student’s progress in real-time by accessing the REAL TALK English Management system and viewing or printing the relevant reports on individual students, classrooms of students or total students.

Reports have been created to clearly display student’s progress. These reports will be able to show areas of strength, subjects that require additional tuition, modules completed, learning success, scores and course hours covered so far.


REAL TALK English is the complete, interactive, fun and cost-effective way to take and deliver English for Speakers of Other Languages and is perfect for students, educational establishments, public sector and corporate clients.

If you have a requirement to deliver ESOL to your students – REAL TALK English is exactly the product you have been waiting for and is available at a fraction of the cost of taking or delivering a classroom based course. 


In brief, this We Teach You ESOL course: -

  • Covers the very latest New Adult ESOL Core Curriculum.
  • Developed in conjunction with educational establishments.*
  • Is fully interactive with listening and reading tasks.
  • Has real-life dialogue, discussions, negotiations and conversations.
  • Contains built in testing in multiple formats.
  • Has multiple hours of learning activities at each level – with 10 scenarios per level.
  • Is available anywhere, anytime, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for 12 months.
  • Has a built in LMS allowing students and tutors to track learning progress
  • Tracks the times students spend studying
  • Produces real-time reports on individual students, classrooms, or all students
  • Can be setup and ready to use within a few hours
  • Comes with a complete support program for students and tutors
  • Can be integrated into any educational web site at no extra cost
  • Has full bookmark functionality


Once you have tested REAL TALK English just send details of your requirements and we will do the rest.



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* REAL TALK English has been developed in conjunction with: -

  • We Teach You.
  • CWET Partnership
    • NorthWarwickshire& HinckleyCollege
    • HenleyCollege
    • Stratfordon AvonCollege
    • WarwickshireCollege
    • CityCollegeCoventry
  • European Social Fund
  • Learning Skills Council


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