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Potty Training Package

The potty training experience can be demanding, draining and stressful. Teaching our children something so new at such a young age can result in disaster, as well as many sleepless nights. Our potty training course has been built to try and remove some of the stress involved in the process and to decreasehow physically and mentally draining potty training can be on both parent and child.

Red Potty Training

This course offers a comprehensive and detailed guide on potty training, the author has years of experience of potty training children and offers guidance on all aspects of the potty training process. The course will not be a step by step guide, as every child is different and such a guide may be detrimental to a child’s development, instead this course is a compilation of strategies and advice to help any parent through potty training, no matter how stubborn the child. No two potty training experiences will be the same; this course recognises that and offers advice that will be applicable to almost every situation, regardless of how the child is developing.

Throughout this course parents will be supported and guided in every aspect of potty training. Beginning with the basics such as how to spot when your child is ready and teaching the child how to remove and replace their clothing when they need to go this course will be an excellent partner to any parent, whether they have previous experience of potty training or whether this is their first time going through the process.

Included is a Comprehensive guide on how and when to begin potty training, tips on how to initially introduce and encourage use of the potty, what you'll need to get through the process, the difference between training boys and girls and how to train twins or triplets. There are also aspects such as when to train; hygiene issues and the importance of ensuring good hygiene from an early age; what to do while out and about; what to do during sleep times and; how to train at separate parents’ houses. Finally, there are sections on how to deal with that stubborn child; night time training; how to deal with accidents and regression; and a detailed list of common problems you may face, and how to tackle them head on.

12 months unlimited access to the entire course, for one person, is just £118.80 (£99.00 + VAT)

Main points in this course:

• What products you will need before potty training starts.
• Things to look out for that can tell whether a child is ready to start potty training.
• How to introduce the potty to your child.
• Getting your child comfortable with the potty.
• Tips for encouraging the use of the potty.
• Making the transition to the potty.
• Understanding the difference between wet and dry.
• Language to use when explaining the potty training process to the child.
• Differences in training for boys and girls.
• Training more than one child, for example twins or triplets.
• Bowl and bladder control.
• Hygiene.
• Where and when to train.
• Dealing with accidents.
• Napping and night time whilst training.
• What to do when out and about.
• Training at different houses.
• The stubborn child.
• Bed wetting and what to do when it occurs.
• Regression and how to deal with this.
• Common problems and their solutions.


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