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'Online VAT & Business Guide' Training Package

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Our online VAT and Business Setup Training Course is ideal for people who intend to operate their own business. This VAT and Business pack will cover topics from VAT, Tax, Accounts, Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Administration, All major office skills, like Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and many more.

Courses Covered in our Online VAB Essentials Package 

Value Added Tax (VAT)

This VAT course will take you through the complicated world of Value Added Tax (VAT) and how it is applied within the UK.  You will be given in-depth explanations and examples, shown how to account for VAT, the various rules and regulations governing the VAT system, and of course where to go to for further help and assistance.

Successful completion of this course will give you a better understanding of the UK VAT system which will help you to get your VAT right, thereby avoiding any unnecessary and costly penalties. This should in turn save you and your business money.

By the end of this course you will not find VAT such a headache. You will have an understanding of the UK VAT system, as well as ways in which this knowledge can be used to save your company money. You will also be aware of the options available to obtain further help where necessary. Do not suffer alone.


Major topics covered in our VAT course are:

• An introduction to VAT - a European tax
• Who should charge VAT?
• How to register for VAT
• Which supplies are taxable?
• How is VAT charged? How is VAT accounted for?
• The different rates of VAT in the UK - Examples of the current VAT rates
• VAT rate changes - how they work
• Items not VATable - items covered by other taxes
• Items outside the scope of VAT
• The difference between exempt and zero rated supplies explained
• Invoices - an example of a VAT invoice
• VAT records - what to keep and for how long
• VAT errors and correcting them
• VAT penalties and how to avoid them
• reclaiming VAT charged from another EU country
• VAT returns
• How to complete an online return
• Where to find out more information about VAT
The training package also include courses such as:

Taxation and Accounts

Topics Covered in this module are:

• Tax Planning.
• Income Tax.
• National Insurance Contributions.
• Corporation Tax.
• Company Planning and Minimizing Corporation Tax.
• Tax Rates.
Identifying the Opportunity

Topics Covered in this module are:

• Developing your Business Plan.
• Raising Capital.
• Funding Alternatives.
• Researching the Market.
Sales and Customer Relations

Topics Covered in this module are:

• Building a strategy and the sales process.
• Motivating and rewarding the sales team.
• Customer Services.
• Telesales and call centres.
Bookkeeping and Administration

Topics Covered in this module are:

• Basic Bookkeeping.
• Single-entry bookkeeping.
• Double-entry bookkeeping.
• Computerized Accounts.
• Administrative Issues.
Effective Use of Software

Topics Covered in this module are:

• Use of Excel in Business.
• Use of Powerpoint.
• Importance of Word Processing.
• Effective Use of Emails and Internet browsing.
Improving Productivity Using IT

Topics Covered in this module are:

• Plan and Select.
• Create Solution.
• Review and Adapt.
• Develop and Test.
Web Marketing and E-Commers

Topics Covered in this module are:

• Basic IT Functions.
• Building your Website.
• Effective e-mailing.
• Business on your Website.
Cash Management

Topics Covered in this module are:

• Refining your cash flow forecast.
• Cash Control.
• Budgeting and cash flow forecasts.
• Monthly Accounts.
Employment and Human Relations

Topics Covered in this module are:

• Employement Law.
• Discrimination Law.
• Recuriting Staff.
• Contracts of employment.
• Employee benefits and incentives.
Conventional Marketing

Topics Covered in this module are:

• Segmentation and Strategy.
• Direct Mail.
• Advertising and PR.
• Damage Limitation.
• The Internet.
• Trade Shows and Exhibitions.

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