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SQL training 2008 or 2012:

This series provides an overview of SQL, including basic concepts and terms related to database and table design. The basic tasks of creating a new table in a database, using the INSERT statement, and managing and deleting SQL tables and table data are covered, as well as a comprehensive discussion of database objects, which includes creating, changing, and deleting table views, table spaces, storage groups, indexes, index spaces, and databases. An introduction to basic query techniques is provided, along with an overview of using SQL to join tables.
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Why not try the MCSA or MCSE Sql training courses

In order to be more specific in choosing your career path, Microsoft has designed two database related certifications.
MCSA: SQL server 2012
MCSE: SQL server 2012

Average Salary for a MCSA

Database Administrators will be delighted to see the latest figures which show that demand is finally picking up again after a dramatic year-on-year decline, hitting an all-time low of just 1.6% of IT jobs requiring the certification almost exactly a year ago. This is always a difficult time of year for Database Administrators looking for work, with an annual decline in demand occurring in the first quarter, but picking up again by May. This looks set to be the case again this year. In terms of earnings, the database developer certification is the only one to demonstrate a steady annual increase. The average salary is now £45,000, which is up almost 6% on last year, and this growth shows no sign of stopping!

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